Why on-going training is important

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On-going EPOS training is really important in the retail sector, especially when you consider these facts from Gunter and Amazon.com writes EPOS expert and GS project manager Andrew Elliott.

Amazingly 64% of us never open books we’ve bought. 79% never finish once we’ve started reading. 42% only listen to music we’ve bought once. 57% never use software they’ve bought. 83% of us use software once and never again and 94% of users never read the manual.

Face to face or distance training for your EPOS systems is critical to ensure you can explore the full potential of your solution and sufficient training is written in as standard for our technology proposals.

What’s more, we also recommend ‘top-up’ training for new staff and staff who need additional training to help optimise the impact of their EPOS-based business management solution.

We even have a dedicated training manager in-house who is responsible for all our training.

If you want to know more about training contact your dedicated account manager or call us on 0800 655 6264.

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