MAX BOOKINGS: Table Reservations

  • Overview

MAX Bookings is an intuitive online table reservations solution that runs and is managed on a Windows platform.
You can view MAX on most smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers and online devices wherever you have an internet connection.

MAX Bookings is extremely cost efficient with one fixed monthly charge allowing you to book an unlimited number of covers and tables without any hidden extra costs.

MAX Bookings enhances the guest experience. The easy-to-use table reservation solution that is always very friendly. With MAX Bookings you can really engage with your guests on a one-to-one basis every time you connect with them:

When customers make their table reservations with MAX Bookings you can post notes and preferences about their bookings.

MAX remembers guests that have booked before and recognises telephone, email or address details even if names are entered incorrectly.

MAX sends emails and texts to customers to confirm the reservation.

  • Benefits

Easy online table reservations with no hidden costs or surprises. MAX Bookings empowers independent restaurants and restaurant estates of all sizes to benefit from the extensive functionality of our advanced table reservation software.

We have four packages that share the same functionality but are differentiated by the number of tables that can be managed and the number of devices that use MAX Bookings. You simply pick the package that best works for your business and add additional table blocks or devices as and when necessary.

  • Email and text conformations
  • Website and Facebook integration
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Keeps history of visits
  • Table Maximizer to help you get full optimisation of your restaurant
  • One fixed monthly cost
  • Get In Touch

MAX Bookings is the easiest to use online table bookings reservations solution you will ever need. We have built it on a Windows platform, by far the most popular operating system in the world. After your initial training, the MAX Bookings team is on hand to provide e-mail and telephone support just in case you need a little extra help.

If you have any questions about MAX Bookings, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re always here to help you do better, more effective business.

Simply call us today on 0161 419 6205.

Cost Effective

MAX Bookings is really  cost efficient. One fixed monthly charge allows you to book an unlimited number of covers and tables without any hidden extra costs. Subscriptions start from as little as £59 per month with free online and telephone support.

Easy To Use

You can set up and configure MAX Bookings in a matter of minutes after you have downloaded the software to your desktop or mobile Windows device. Simply plug and play and you are ready to take online bookings almost immediately.

Facebook Friendly

MAX Bookings is a great social media tool, especially for Facebook fans. You can post events and menu specials and take direct bookings from your Facebook page and other social media platforms like Twitter, What’s App and Instagram.
  • FAQ's

A: You don’t have to change a thing because MAX works the way your business works. You simply configure it to meet existing systems, processes and procedures. With MAX you create areas/zones/rooms for quick table allocation for a really clear and insightful overview of current usage and future reservations. You can configure longer or shorter booking periods depending on the individual requirements of your customers when they reserve their table via MAX online, by telephone or in person.

A: A MAX Bookings subscription starts from as little as £59 per month depending on the number of covers your restaurant or restaurants. E-mail and telephone support is automatically included with our subscription so you can take full advantage of the power of MAX. Once you subscribe you can accept unlimited online bookings safe in the knowledge you will not charged any extra per cover costs or hidden charges.

A: MAX optimises revenue thanks to our unique “Table Maximizer” – matching your facilities with bookings to intuitively allocate tables to MAXIMIZE table usage. MAX also provides wait list management for a better, friendlier guest experience and builds a comprehensive customer database packed full of useful information so you really engage with your guests. You can also access informative business reports and intelligence so you can make informed decisions based on real live data rather than ‘hit-or-miss’ anecdotal evidence.

A: MAX Bookings is really clever and seamlessly appears on your own banded website or Facebook page so you can easily optimise table reservation opportunities. Your customers can like and share events promoted on your Facebook page and book with MAX without having to leave FB. Links can be shared on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and What’s App to drive interest and immediate bookings no matter what the time of day or night.

A: When customers make their table reservations with MAX Bookings you can post notes and preferences about their bookings to help you provide the best possible guest experience. MAX Bookings is packed full of useful information to really engage with your guests. MAX remembers guests that have booked before and recognises same telephone, email or address details even when names may be entered incorrectly. This intuitive intelligence avoids duplicate database entries. MAX also allows you to send emails and texts to customers to confirm the reservation. And you can also send them reminders nearer the date to minimise no-shows.

A: There are four different versions of MAX Bookings, depending upon your exact requirements for your independent venue or multi-site brand: Essentials, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. You simply select the version best suited to your exact requirements for your independent venue or multi-site restaurant brand. Whichever version is required, MAX Bookings is fully scaleable to suit the size of the operation. Generally this means smaller venues who use the Essentials package still benefit from all the same great features as the Enterprise version. All four versions have intuitive central reservations functionality for taking telephone bookings and enquiries when operators have several sites. If you’re unsure, simply e-mail, call 0800 655 6264 or click the Live Chat button.

A: Slow, unreliable paper-based manual systems only operate when you are open for business and/or have staff available to take bookings. They are also open to human error, especially when everyone is really busy and under pressure. By automating table reservations with MAX Bookings your staff don’t need to spend time on the phone or spend excessive time with customers administering bookings.