MAX CONNECT: Gift Cards & Loyalty Rewards

MAX Connect allows you to retail gift cards in-store and online and reward loyalty to build brand awareness, increase sales and boost your margins.  A web-based tool, you can run a full analysis of sales and stock movements with your integrated MAX GP reports solution to see the impact of gift card transactions. A web-based customer loyalty solution can be embedded into your own branded www and social media platforms to reward loyal customers and entice new ones.  It is great fun devising creative campaigns and loyalty programmes, measuring the results of your activity with MAX GP reporting software.  

MAX Connect is the customer engagement group of solutions including electronic loyalty/gift card and cashless payment systems which allow your customers to be rewarded for their repeat custom and increase your average spend per head.

Our web-based customer loyalty solution allows you to capture and use client information to reward existing and potential customers and build brand affinity by targeting your promotions using the invaluable data you collect. Reward loyal customers with points which can be redeemed in store or against a perceived high value item such as a cocktail or barista masterclass, or give discounts to those who have earned them.

You can reward loyal or new customers with points schemes which can be redeemed in store, on-line with perceived high value items such as a complimentary cocktail or a free barista masterclass. Alternative options can convert points to discounts. Your options are endless when really connect with your customers and guests.

Did you know that when redeeming gift cards, 2 out of 3 consumers spend on average 40% more than the actual value of the amount on the card? Not to mentioned other pluses like generating revenue in advance of sales, building brand awareness and are more convenient.