Why training and perseverance are key to integrating new systems

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The team at GS is really busy at the moment helping our client Living Ventures prepare for a raft of exciting new concept launches in Manchester’s upmarket Spinningfield quarter. Artisan, Long Bar and Grand Pacific are three hugely anticipated openings which will complement nearby multi award-winning LV brands like the Oast House, Alchemist and Australasia.

One of the many things I admire about Living Ventures is its total commitment to training and standards. This is every bit as important to the Group as the numerous creative concepts it develops.  When I am chatting to other operators I have no hesitation in using Tim Bacon, Jeremy Roberts and the rest of the team as the benchmark to emulate for training its people.

Remit to champion client training

One of my key roles at GS is to champion client training to ensure hospitality operators genuinely benefit from the EPOS technology that is here to help rather than hinder their growth.

As a former operator myself with a dozen or so years experience to call upon I’ve heard all the excuses about why some operators are reluctant to embrace technology.

Luddites, as a client once called them, tend not to like change, no matter what they do. They don’t like the thought  of having to adapt to new ways of doing things in order to integrate new business systems into an existing operation.

There is a tendency to build barriers that aren’t needed and slow down progress. Classic symptoms from front of house staff and managers are a negative attitude, a refusal to learn new skills or adopt different procedures and an inability to maintain the system.

Explaining how the benefits apply to your staff

My remit is to ensure these artificial barriers don’t hinder the effectiveness of your investment in EPOS technology. I do this by focusing on two keywords: training and perseverance.

Our training extends way beyond showing staff how to physically use the hardware and software.

  • It’s all about showing staff why the EPOS solution benefits them and the business that employs them.
  • It’s about showing them how the system will make their jobs easier, giving them more time to interact and engage with customers.
  • It’s about showing how the technology eliminates human error by automating processes – and how following pre-dispensing procedures saves them grief from customers and their work colleagues.

Throughout the integration of a new EPOS system, it is really important to persevere.

Perseverance essential when adopting new ideas

Naturally, adopting a new system is going to have teething issues as you and your staff get used to the new technology and ways of doing things.

You can only successfully tackle any ‘issues’ by positively working together, communicating openly without prejudice and arranging extra training whenever appropriate.

Leaving ‘issues’ unresolved is a recipe for disaster.

Imagine, for example, ignoring the complaints of an unhappy customer. If you did, you wouldn’t be surprised if you failed to retain their future custom.

As Living Ventures Jeremy Roberts says in his Up Close video, his staff have seconds sometimes to fulfill an order and can never adopt a mañana philosophy.

This equally applies to training and the adoption of technology. Jeremy kindly points out that GS shares his commitment to getting things done today, not tomorrow.

A positive attitude to training is really important if you want to successfully integrate your EPOS solution into your business and optimise the benefits and your investment.

If you want to discuss EPOS training don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, whether you’re an existing client or an operator wanting to use EPOS more effectively. Simply call me on 0800 655 6264 or drop me an e-mail.


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