Training is essential if you want to achieve your goals!

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I did it. I ran the BUPA Great Manchester 10k over the May Bank Holiday weekend. The first time I’ve ever challenged myself – a self-confessed non-athlete – to run over six miles. On a baking hot day to boot. I was in good company too with thousands of fellow runners of all shapes, sizes and ages joining me at the start line. We all shared one big secret. We had trained really hard for the event, otherwise many of us would never have stood of a chance of completing the city centre course.

Training is not just important when it comes to preparing for a run. It’s equally relevant for operators when they are planning to open a bar, pub or restaurant – although I’ve seen many instances where it isn’t given the priority it should warrant.

Training not always the number one priority

For many, it is always at the bottom of their ‘to do’ list. As a former operator with over a decade’s experience, I can fully understand the reasoning behind the thinking.

  • Openings are really stressful with a thousand and one things to do. Time is always so tight.  Things rarely go according to plan so adding training to the mix is asking for trouble.
  • It’s just a ‘till’, surely everyone can just ‘figure it out’ once we’re up and running… customers won’t mind if one or two mistakes are made early doors.
  • Training is expensive and I can’t see a return on my investment.
Training is critical if you want to achieve your goals

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Training is critical if you’re going to achieve your goals – whether it’s completing a 10k or ensuring your restaurant, bar or pub has the greatest chance of success because all your staff are fully trained on all aspects of your EPOS solution.

Here’s why.

  • A good EPOS solution properly implemented with the right procedures embedded around it ensures your service is quick and efficient – and therefore your customers benefit immediately from a superior guest experience.
  • At GS we train staff to ensure they spend as little time as possible using your EPOS solution once you’re open for business. After all, the whole point of a good EPOS system and a well trained team is to limit the time they spend at the till or discussing order changes to kitchen and bar staff or rectifying errors.  A good EPOS solution with well trained staff results in your team having MORE time to be with your guests giving a great service so they will revisit time after time!
  • When people are trained well, they are far more confident and knowledgeable with the tasks and challenges in front of them. Therefore they will be able to perform to  a higher level than their peers who have not been trained to the same high standards.

Does it matter? You bet it matters!

A coffee costing £15??

After the race on Sunday, a colleague of mine at GS had a coffee in a department store in Manchester.

Very nice it was too.

The coffee cost £3.40.

He gave the waitress £20 and watched her walk from one till to another to the bar.

Another waiter brought the change back in a very pretty wallet.

All £5 of it.

OK, she could have made a mistake thinking the £20 was a £10 but why the wrong change for the coffee?

GS takes training very seriously

Not very impressive – and my colleague likes to tell the world about it if he gets bad service hence I am writing about it now.

Here at GS, we obviously take training very seriously. That’s why we always build in a staff training element for front of house staff and management teams when we’re planning installations or roll outs of successful concepts.

But in addition, we like to add value to our overall proposition by offering additional training to meet any challenges you’re facing.

It may be a refresher session or learning about an aspect of the solution that allows you to upsell products or reward loyal customers.

Want to find out more about training? Get in touch with Rachel Gaunt by e-mail or call her on 0800 655 6264 today to chat about how you can achieve your goals.


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