Six ways a good EPOS solution can save you management time

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A recent survey featured in Propel’s excellent Morning Briefing revealed startling figures about the amount of time food and beverage managers spend on administration. Over half spent an hour a day on admin with one in four complaining paperwork took up to four hours per day. Incredibly only 4% of managers spent less than an hour per week on administrative duties.

As a former manager of a busy bar in Manchester, I can empathise with hospitality operators deluged with seemingly endless and often mind numbing paperwork because I’ve been there myself in the days when I didn’t really appreciate the power of EPOS.

Automate manual tasks

Now I do, seeing first hand how a good EPOS solution (with the right procedures embedded around it) impacts on the businesses of our clients and reduces a lot of repetitive manual administrative tasks by simply automating them.

At the same time, adhering to strict watertight processes and controls gives you access to an easily navigated pathway through your business so you can spot and deal with variances and discrepancies without launching time-consuming investigations each time an ‘issue’ arises.

Six ways EPOS saves your invaluable time

I am going to share six ways a good, well-managed EPOS solution can save you invaluable management time and allow you to focus on productive activity rather monotonous tasks that can eat away at your very soul!!

  1. Use your EPOS solution to automatically place orders with your suppliers when existing stocks reach pre-set levels.
  2. Automating staff hours ensures fast and accurate PAYE and wage distribution and helps with planning staff rotas.
  3. Electronic business sheets provide automatic reports includes cash analysis on the take, banking, safe hold and petty cash – no more messing about with antiquated and unreliable Excel sheets at the end of a very tiring and late shift.
  4. Key performance indicators configured to your specification automatically highlight errors, fraud, poor housekeeping and inefficiencies allowing you to immediately deal and resolve ‘issues’ before they escalate.
  5. Real-time stock control using your EPOS solution enables you to carry out ad-hoc spot checks to spot variances quickly and effectively.
  6. Automating and managing your business means updating products, menus and promotions can be carried out quickly, easily and accurately via your EPOS system, no matter where you are.

Want to find out more about how EPOS can transform your heavy administrative load, leaving you time to focus on the numerous fun aspects of the job like engaging with customers and motivating your staff?

Simply get in touch and let us have a chat. I love to demonstrate our cutting edge technology and approach as my colleagues at GS are more than happy to testify.  Call me on 0800 655 6264 or drop me an email today.





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