Sugar tax is a backwards step

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The ALMR has warned that a tax on sugary drinks will increase burdens for businesses without addressing the Government’s health concerns.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The Government’s tax on sugary drinks is intended to tackle public obesity but there is a danger it will do little more than increase costs for both retailers and customers. Licensed hospitality is keen to aid the Government’s in its campaign to address public health concerns, but we do not feel that a sugar tax is an effective tool.

“For the majority of customers, eating-out is an occasional treat and pubs and restaurants have worked hard to reformulate menus, reduce calories and provide customers with greater choice and nutritional information.

“These are part of ongoing efforts by the sector to help address health concerns and promote responsible consumption. If the Government is looking to tackle obesity then promotion of these schemes, rather than additional costs, would be helpful. An additional cost burden for businesses is unlikely to help promote healthy attitudes.”



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