Sentinel guards against ‘unusual transaction behaviour’.

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An intuitive early warning application designed to protect the profits and margins of restaurants, bars and pubs is available from GS.

MAX Sentinel tracks the real-time progress of live transactions as they happen, spotting and alerting operators and head office staff to any unusual transaction behaviour.

“This is a great added security measure to help keep your staff honest, an early warning system to protect your profits and margins,” said GS Systems operations director Richard Tarran.

“By recording and processing ‘key’ depression data as it happens, MAX Sentinel interrogates different sets of complementary data and pinpoints unusual activity patterns as defined by a client’s benchmark operational criteria. Benchmark measurements are based on a client’s operational data and performance statistics at individual site and estate levels.”

An alert detected by Sentinel either appears on an online dashboard or is sent by e-mail to selected operators or head office staff who are able to view a step-by-step chronological transaction sequence.

Once examined in detail, any issues can be rectified immediately.

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