New GS client praised in the Guardian

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The latest addition to the GS Systems portfolio, Bundobust, located on Piccadilly, Manchester,  has been praised in the Guardian by food critic Jay Rayner.

“It takes something special to stop me wanting to bang my head on the table repeatedly, while stabbing the business end of a fork into the soft part of my hand, every time I hear the term “restaurant concept”. Bundobust in Manchester is that something special. There’s no doubt the “c” word can be applied here. It is not a straightforward restaurant. It is clearly underpinned by a defining idea, which is: Indian street food and craft beers. But, by God, it works. It gives concepts a good name.”

“Roll your eyes at the luscious beards of the barmen, but there’s no doubt that these are real craft beer geeks. I mean that fondly. They know exactly what they’re serving and can work backwards from your taste to their list. And it’s a very good match indeed for the food, which is uncompromising and self-confident and, above all else, clever. On a wet Monday evening Bundobust in Manchester still manages to draw in a crowd of 60 or so. Apparently at weekends the student hordes descend, despite the lack of marketing. It’s built itself on word of mouth and I’m not at all surprised. Because I, too, want to shout about it.”


Read the full Jay Rayner review in the Guardian here.

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