Never been a better time to review your tech!

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There has never been a more appropriate time for hospitality operators to review how technology can control costs following the publication of a major business survey this week, writes GS Systems managing director Niels Nielsen.

The CGA Peach 2017 Business Leaders’ Survey reveals growing concern over mounting costs including rates, food, supplier drinks and the national living wage (NLW).

The survey said four in five hospitality business leaders are concerned (39%) by rising food costs and three out of five are worried about NLW impact on staff costs.

Optimism tempered by escalating costs

There is a mood of general optimism in the hospitality industry at the moment but that is tempered by concerns about escalating costs.
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At GS Systems, watertight cash and stock controls help our clients monitor and manage their variable operational costs such as food, drink and wages. For example, we saved 3% costs for one client by implementing a recipe control programme.

We control costs and stock by embedding operational procedures around their EPOS-baed technology solutions.

Procedures embedded around technology

From our perspective at GS, the power of EPOS to drive business management solutions can only EVER be realised if the technology is complemented by watertight operational procedures embedded around the system.

Unless you track and record your cash and stock as it moves through the business you’re never going to be able to get a really tight grip in your costs.

Too many operators are lax when applying what should be stringent rules.

Whether it is a free coffee at the end of a meal or staff drinks or a dessert on the house, failure to record all your transactions and cash and stock movements means you cannot achieve a truly accurate stock take.

Track and record data flow

In this instance, you’re going to struggle to get your costs under control.

The same applies to managing and monitoring staff rotas and ordering food and drink from suppliers.

Unless you track and record the data flow of your cash, stock and staff as they move around your you are never going to be able to get a really tight grip in your costs.

GS Systems has published a White Paper to give operators an insight into implementing procedures around their technology. Click the link below to download the GS Technology & Procedures White Paper or call 0800 655 6264 and order a hard copy.

GS technology & procedures White Paper

Operators wanting to discuss their EPOS requirements should call GS Systems business development manager Mike Chung on 0800 655 6264 for a free consultation to discuss their requirements and operational challenges

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