Legislative Reform can encourage thriving live entertainment scene

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Ahead of the forthcoming deregulation of entertainment, the ALMR has commended the Government’s approach and welcomed a move that will encourage diversification in the licensed hospitality sector.

The Legislative Reform (Entertainment Licensing) Order 2014 will come into force on 06 April 2015 and will deregulate the playing of live and recorded music between 08:00-23:00 before an audience of up to 500 people in licensed premises.
ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “This is a common sense approach to entertainment from the Government and we are pleased to see the lessening of burdens for businesses.

“Crucially, this is not only a step in the right direction for pubs and nightclubs, but a benefit for businesses right across the spectrum of licensed hospitality. Restaurants, bars and casual dining venues now have the flexibility to incorporate interesting, creative entertainment options into their offers, without the need to refer to it in their licence. As we know only too well, local authorities often gild the lily when it comes to conditions on music and entertainment. If a restaurant wants to hold a dinner dance or employ a pianist, they can now go ahead with a minimum of fuss.

“We are rightly very proud of the diversity of the live music and entertainment scene in this country. The introduction of this Legislative Reform will give other hospitality venues a chance to continue this great tradition”



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