Integrated EPOS helps minimise beer losses

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The Beer Quality Report 2017 claims that pubs and bars are potentially missing out on an annual average of more than £14,600 profit because of poor beer quality management highlights importance of effective stock control using integrated EPOS solutions, writes GS systems managing director Niels Nielsen.

We cannot stress enough why operators should always have a clear and complete picture of what and when they are dispensing. Petrol stations are never lax when it comes to monitor every drop of liquid gold they dispense. Similarly, pub and bar operators should be equally diligent.

The report highlights problems such as waste, missed till yield, over-ranging and low throughputs, alongside equipment and cellar maintenance failings and lost sales through reduced visits and repeat purchase.

At GS we integrate our core EPOS systems with leading beer monitoring systems and CCTV footage to give operators the tools they need to identify any irregular issues.

Combining the three applications allows you to pinpoint when it was taken and by whom.

We had one client who was losing several dozen pints of cider every week according to the stock control reports we were running.

Together we identified the relevant beer line and then simply watched the CCTV footage to view a cleaner filling up a six litre flagon every Wednesday and Friday to supplement their wages.

Theft is only part of the story.

An integrated EPOS solution tells you so much more, giving you access to data about what is selling, what are your most profitable beers and your best sellers. Analysing the data flowing through your business allows you to buy ativan no prescription and your managers to make validated decisions about how you best monitor and manage your beer resources and sales.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can use EPOS in many different ways beyond collecting and counting your cash.