Immediate margin boost with a Needs Analysis Audit

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A GS Needs Analysis Audit (NAA) immediately improves your margins – and is your platform for future growth! Our comprehensive audits, carried out by EPOS specialists with first-hand hospitality experience, are designed to interrogate all aspects of your business to highlight where you are either missing on maximising margins or wasting cash, stock and resources unnecessarily.

A Needs Analysis Audit can take between 60 minutes to half a day depending upon the size and scale of your operation.

As soon as these areas have been identified, our EPOS specialists will suggest several quick and easy ways to give you the biggest immediate rewards.

Once you’ve seen the impact of our expertise, we can explore how our bespoke EPOS solutions, and the watertight procedures embedded around them, can protect your business from leaks, losses and temptation.

Implementing solutions with the GS project management team make a genuine difference to your bottom-line profits and ensure you get a far better return on your EPOS investment. We have instances where the entire cost of the system has been repaid within a couple of months. Even the most conservative estimates would see this return recouped within 12 months.

So what does a NAA involve?

Like our bespoke solutions, your NAA is going to be unique to you, depending upon the size of your business, the number of sites you have and the set up of your business.

The time it takes varies from an hour to half a day as an experienced EPOS specialist interrogates your business and puts the way you operate under the microscope.

Essentially this will be a systematic step-by-step walk through your front-of-house and back-office operations, objectively looking at your business structure and its performance.

Throughout the exercise our specialist will be asking lots of questions, really drilling down into how you operate.

What typical questions do we ask?
  • What’s your approach to wastage?
  • How do you account for wastage when calculating gross profit?
  • How do you treat lost handwritten or illegible drinks and food order slips?
  • Can you account for all your stock at any moment in time?
  • Are you reconciling purchase delivery invoices with pre-agreed deals or passing them unchecked?
  • Do you over or under staff sessions?
  • Are your best sellers distracted from selling?
  • Are your staff totally geared towards ensuring you offer the best possible guest experience ?
  • How many hours a week do you spend creating reports, inputting information into spreadsheets, predicting future trends and sales patterns?
We’ll ask numerous questions to drill down into every aspect of your business to identify areas where we can make quick and easy gains to achieve immediate results.

Answering these questions and many, many more like them will give our EPOS specialists greater insight into your business. We’ll compare this to industry standards and our experiences gained from working with numerous award winning hospitality and retail clients throughout the evolution of EPOS technology.

As soon as we can see both the picture and the detail we’ll be in a position to discuss how our EPOS solutions can be configured to meet the unique demands of your business.

Work in partnership

We’ll work in partnership with your senior management team to configure, implement and oversee the running of your solution in your existing estate and as new sites are opened.

How this is done depends entirely upon your own individual circumstances. A lot of our clients want everyone prepared in advance before restaurants and bars open while others want to stagger the implementation and tick off targets when they been achieved before moving on to the next goal.

Whatever the end result or the ultimate destination, the NAA is the foundation stone for all that follows, giving us the platform to dramatically improve the way your business performs.

Without it, it can be like carrying out business blindfolded.

GS Systems managing director Niels Nielsen is passionate about the power of EPOS technology. One of the EPOS industry’s most experienced and innovative experts, he works closely with many leading hospitality and retail independents and multiples.


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