How Gift Cards Could Boost Your Business This December

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There is a very good reason that successful businesses offer gift cards and loyalty cards and that reason is fairly simple – because they are proven to drive more business sales and bring in new customers. Just to give you an idea of how effective loyalty schemes can be, Starbucks increased their revenue to $2.65 billion with the help of their rewards program.

Gift cards have a similarly impressive effect. Did you know that the average customer spends 40% additional to the value of a gift card they spend? That is how powerful gift cards could be to your business, so in the lead up to Christmas, now is the time to address the increased revenue opportunities that you are missing out on.

Gift cards raise brand awareness

A massive 50% of people that receive and use a gift card will visit the business again but the benefits do not stop there. A branded gift card also provides a brand awareness boost for your business, introducing people who might not have found your business if they had not received the gift card.

How does it work?

Max Connect is a cloud-based solution that will set everything up that you need to find online pharmacy without prescription for a successful gift card system. The sophisticated EPOS software enables you to monitor and analyse your gift card transaction to see how well they are performing for your business.

EPOS systems automate your gift cards and loyalty schemes, sending targeted promotions and personalised rewards to increase repeat business. Get it touch for more information.

GS Systems’ EPOS Solutions offer the ability for your business to create, sell and take business branded gift cards. GS have a vast range of knowledge within the hospitality and retail industries to help you grow your business. We get to know your business as an individual to discover your wants and needs to build the best EPOS package to suit you.


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