How can EPOS help businesses grow?

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A good EPOS system, no matter how much it actually costs, will pay for itself many, many times over during the course of its lifecycle. That’s a bold statement but one I can make from a position of strength. As managing director of GS Systems, I see on a daily basis how our clients grow and develop their businesses – thanks in a large part to the clever use of smart EPOS technology.

I’ve spent all of my professional life helping businesses manage and protect their cash and stock, giving them the necessary EPOS tools to grow their enterprises. I’ve enjoyed every second and as people who know me can testify, I am extremely passionate about EPOS.  At GS, I’ve assembled a like-minded team of EPOS and technology specialists and hospitality and retail professionals to ensure we’re never just another EPOS company.

Our joint mission as a team is to provide EPOS solutions for enterprises that evolve as the businesses grow.

For evidence of our outstanding reputation within the industry check out our current client portfolio. You’ll see it features Sunday Times FAST TRACK regulars as well as several of the highest turnover restaurants in the country. What’s more, the vast majority of our clients have enjoyed many years working in partnership with us. Which is the only way to maximise the impact of EPOS.

Leading hospitality and retail names will testify about our qualities

Clients include leading hospitality and retail independents and multiples such as Alma De Cuba, Argyll Holidays, Baa Bar, Almond Family Pubs, Alchemist, Blackhouse, Cheshire County Council, Chester Zoo, Gusto, Felicini restaurants, High Peak Borough Council, Living Ventures, Lowry Arts Centre, Knowsley Safari Park, Max Spielmann, Salford City Council, San Carlo Group, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and Timpson and many more.

We’ve also worked with the likes of Manchester United, Alton Towers, Hydes brewery and the Millennium Dome Ltd (which is now the O2 Arena in London).

I think I am safe in saying all our clients will happily testify that our team at GS helps them take full advantage of  their EPOS solutions, using the operational tools and business intelligence they provide to control, manage and grow their businesses. And ensure their own customers always enjoy the best possible guest experience.

How can our online EPOS Masterclass series help you?

And we want to do the same for you too so your business can grow and make more money. That’s why we’re launching our online EPOS Masterclass series.

  • We’ll regularly publish tips and advice about how you can unleash the full power of EPOS.
  • We’ll show you how to initiate, implement and monitor procedures.
  • And we’ll broadcast ‘how to‘ videos to ensure you stay up-to-date on all the latest developments within our industry.

All this great content and lots more will be delivered direct to your desktop when you subscribe to our regular online Grapevine newsletter.

How and why a full functioning EPOS solution accelerates growth?

Over the coming months we’ll reveal how and why a fully functioning EPOS solution accelerates your operation’s growth and financial prosperity.

We’ll show you how every decision you make should be informed by solid, trustworthy evidence from your EPOS solution.

We’ll give you the inside track on how EPOS provides you with pinpoint accurate answers covering every aspect of your business – from recipe and portion control to highlighting stock discrepancies to validating and reconciling void transactions.

Why watertight procedures are critical to the success of your EPOS?

When you subscribe, we’ll not only demonstrate the functionality of an EPOS solution but also explain why the technology is only ever as good as the procedures in place to support it.

What do I mean by that?

Eliminating wastage key to success

Simple.  Whenever we specify a solution, implementing clearly defined procedures is integral to our overall package.

We always recommend failure to observe the rules of use for your new EPOS solution is a disciplinary matter  because you need to show your staff you are totally committed to eliminating all operational loopholes to protect your business from genuine and deliberate ‘mistakes’.

By integrating failsafe EPOS usage procedures into your business, you are effectively ensuring that all transactions, purchases and stock movements are transparent, trackable and traceable.

In other words, nothing happens in your business without you having a full audit trail.


Why not subscribe now and become one of our regulars?

We want you to become a regular EPOS masterclass ‘student’ as we show you why EPOS is, without question, the most effective technology tool for controlling growing businesses.

If you cannot wait and want to find out more about how EPOS can tell your real time and historical business story, get in touch today.

We’re always delighted to talk about how EPOS gives you better accountability and profitability – and the perfect platform for sustained business growth.


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