GS MD joins 72 Hours in New York study tour

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GS Systems managing director Niels Nielsen is joining many leading figures on a study tour of the hospitality industry in New York City organised by M&C Allegra and Restaurant magazine.

The 72 hour trip, which runs from 14-17 April 2016, will see operators investigate what makes one of the world’s most dynamic and forward-thinking dining scene tick.

The study tour group will first-hand accounts of New York’s dining scene from the influential operators who are shaping it.

Delegates will visit some of the city’s most progressive restaurant brand and concepts and discover new food and drink trends that might soon be crossing the pond.

Niels’ specific brief is to assess how New York operators are using technology to maximise business performance and that compares with their UK equivalents.

“This is going to be a full-on tour because we cover an awful lot of ground in a mere three days. I am always intrigued about how operators use technology to their advantage.”

“It is also great to spend time with my peers in the UK hospitality sector so we can share ideas and knowledge away from the pressures of running our own businesses. We probably operate in the most generous industry where people happily help each other just because they can,” said Niels.

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