Five reasons why you can sell more with handhelds

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Handhelds are increasingly popular as the technology becomes more robust, resilient and sophisticated, writes Mike Chung, who gives you five top tips on how you can use handhelds to sell more.

1. You really are going to improve the guest experience when you use handhelds. Your customers will get their food and drink so much faster. Because as soon as the order is placed it is sent via your wi fi network to the kitchen and the bar. No delays while discuss second drinks and desserts.

2. Your customers will love the fact the food and drink orders are accurate too.  Chefs and bar staff won’t have to decipher scribbled handwriting. No more lost bits of paper flying around like confetti at a wedding. No more complimentaries because an order has been messed up big time.

3. Customers don’t have to go the bar to order. You go to them. No matter where they are on your premises. Even in the beer garden.

4. Your best most engaging waiting staff will be doing what they do best. Selling. Not walking between the restaurant floor and the kitchen and the bar hand delivering pieces of paper.

5. You really enjoy totally flexibility with how you can layout out your premises. No more worrying about accommodating or moving static terminals if you’re hosting a special event.

Without question, handhelds do make your life a lot easier and boost your sales.

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