D-day in December for allergen labelling

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All businesses serving non-prepacked food will now need to know and communicate the allergen content of the foodstuffs they retail or provide to their customers.

The new mandatory European top 14 allergen labelling laws come into effect in the UK in December 2014. Operators must ensure all allergen information is readily available on their premises via staff, written literature or on data stored within their EPOS solution. If asked by customers they must be able to provide the allergen content of their entire menu.

“The safest way of providing this allergen information on a long term basis is to use technology to access and flag the allergen content of all the dishes on your menu,” said Richard Tarran, GS Systems operations director. “The information, which can easily be obtained from suppliers when they supply their ingredients, only needs to be entered once and can then be accessed whenever a customer with an allergy wants to know the contents of a recipe.”

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