6 top tips to remove temptation by getting smarter with EPOS

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Removing temptation from your operation and avoiding unnecessary losses is one of the major means operators can protect their margins in 2016, writes GS business development manager, Mike Chung.

No one likes to admit it or question their friends and staff but it is a sad fact of life that people do succumb to temptation. But don’t wait for it to happen. Prevention is always better than having to cure the problem.

To help here are 6 top tips to remove temptation and keep everyone who works for you honest.

One: The biggest theft deterrent is the certainty of being caught. Make sure your staff know you treat it seriously and you have measures and procedures in place to not only spot variances but to also account for them. And let them know it’s instant dismissal WHEN not IF people are caught stealing.

Two: Carry out surprise ad hoc spot checks at random. Could be the middle of the shift. Half an hour before it ends. Just don’t have a pattern that can be predicted. Pick popular lines to check and get an instant snapshot that will highlight variances. Or do a cash count of a cash drawer and see if the cash balance with the receipts.

Three: Run blind stock counts and cash checks so only you know the numbers. Nobody else.

Four: Ensure watertight procedures are embedded around your EPOS solution. That means every transaction made in your business is attributed to a person, a shift and a terminal.

Five: Voids, complimentary drinks and food and wastage should not be entered into the system without a valid explanation. Anything less is totally unacceptable.

Six: Install CCTV cameras to record transactions at your EPOS terminals and behind the bar. You can now reconcile till receipts with CCTV footage to see make sure what’s on the receipt marries up with the video screen.

Six great tips to remove temptation. Implement them and you’ll notice the difference. If you want to discuss how you can remove temptation from your business get in touch.

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