5 tips to get repeat business for your restaurant

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With so much choice available on the market, how do you get your customers to stay interested?

Loyalty and promotion schemes are one of the most efficient ways of maintaining customer loyalty and ensuring repeat business, and we have compiled 5 reasons why you should run loyalty and promotions schemes through an EPOS system.


By offering attractive promotions during off-peak or traditionally quieter periods, you will sell more!
Using EPOS to highlight exactly when these periods are within your business will identify trends. With this knowledge you could include offers relating to specific days and times like an ‘Early Bird Offer’


Generic campaigns alone are not going to maximise your sales, for today it’s more about personalisation through customer insight and targeted marketing so understanding what your customer eats and drinks when they dine allows you to market offers to them that will entice them to dine with you


By running these promotions through your EPOS system, you can track the success of your promotions in real time, as well as seeing exactly what the promotions are adding to your bottom line and tracking your customers spending habits.


Promotions and loyalty schemes will help you add value to individual relationships by gathering guest’s birthday’s and anniversary dates you could send offers to your guests on the month of their birthday.


Last but certainly not least, by tracking the visits to your restaurant through your EPOS system and rewarding them on a regular basis, you can get to know your guest and build a profile of that information within your EPOS, so you can offer the guest a much more personal service every time they dine with you.


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