4 essential steps for your next EPOS installation

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Installing EPOS can be a daunting prospect, writes GS Systems project manager Andrew Elliott.

Here are my four key steps you need to follow when you plan your next EPOS installation to make it easier.

First. Make sure your EPOS specialists will sit down with you and assess your needs, now and in the future as your business grows and matures.

This is an opportunity to really interrogate how your operation currently runs and what we can do together to make it more efficient and eliminate margin losses through embedding watertight procedures into your operation.

Second. At GS we’ll plan and design a solution that will meet the challenges your business faces, integrating new technologies and bespoke software written just for your business as appropriate.

When we do this we’re calling upon all the experience we’ve developed with many leading hospitality and retail brands – you’ll automatically access this great knowledge bank when you work with us.

Third. We’ll host practical workshops with you and your staff where we really put our solution under microscope, balancing risk and benefits.

Four. We’ll carry out a comprehensive site survey to identify what needs to be in place prior to installation. Once, these four stages have been ticked off we’ve created a great platform for a smooth, seamless installation.

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