Up close with Viva Brazil’s Andy Aldrich

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Launched by a team led by Mancunian restaurateur and entrepreneur Andy Aldrich, Viva Brazil has installed a GS front of house and back office system to give the business the necessary management control and business intelligence to create a platform for growth.

Andy, who was the mastermind behind the Beluga and Champagne Bars brands amongst several others, attributes the success of his businesses to a relationship with GS that stretches back for more than a decade.

“We are only a very small company with four head office operations managers – yet we will turnover nearly £5m this year. A lot of this is down to the control and ease of use of our systems,” he said.

Everything is easier to run

“The GS solution gives us multi-site usage with remote management control, covering the entire package from stock takes to email orders. Everything is more accountable and easier to run.”

“For example, the procedures set in place for weekly internal stock takes have improved margins year on year and have reduced losses by nearly £1000 per week at retail,” said Andy.

“The system’s audit trail enables us to instantly spot and immediately rectify any bar or restaurant discrepancies, an essential business tool in an industry notorious for theft and under-ringing. By following GS procedures, we’re virtually eliminating these loopholes.”

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