Up close with Black Dog Ballroom’s Ross Mackenzie

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Black Dog Ballroom brings a slice of New York City’s secret downtown speakeasy style to Manchester’s nightlife as owner and entrepreneur Ross Mackenzie explains.

Ross has launched two ballrooms (the original in the Northern Quarter and a second in Oxford Road) with a third to open in the near future.

He also owns the Liar Club, another original and innovative Manchester nightspot.

Here, he discusses how working long term with GS Systems benefits his business and why the EPOS specialist is critical to the growth of the brand.

With the EPOS “we can compare sites, compare data, look at StockLink and look at our revenues.”

“I know that GS Systems has supported lots of other multiple operators throughout the north west so I have confidence in them being able to help grow our business over the next few years,” says Ross, who has just expanded the capacity of the Oxford Road ballroom.

Once the third site is open, he’ll be looking for locations “where we can have pool and bowling in one site, so we’re looking for larger sites of between 10 and 15,000 square foot all around the north west.”

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