GS Systems has unrivalled experience and sector-specific knowledge giving clients access to a comprehensive consultancy portfolio. This embraces numerous related topics to help your decision making processes to grow your  business.

That’s because we appreciate purchasing an EPOS solution is a major financial investment – one where your  return demands substantial and on-going support services and consultancy advice.

Maximise your EPOS investment 

This can only happen if you spend time talking to the EPOS experts like us who can help you maximise your investment and give you the support you need to develop your business to its full potential. Our comprehensive and on-going support starts from our very first meeting. We’ll give you free EPOS business and implementation advice at our initial meeting while we listen to the challenges facing your business.

Impartial systems analysis 

At the same time, we’ll carry out an impartial system analysis or a needs analysis audit. We will work with you identify areas where you are unnecessarily losing margin or wasting your valuable cash and finite resources. After the audit, we’ll suggest how best to eliminate leaks, losses, spillage and pilfering. We’ll also work with you to itemise what you need to do as part of your pre-installtion planning.

This includes looking at numerous payment plan options for you, deciding on you and your staff’s training needs and clarifying what long term on-going guidance and tuition is required. Support is either face to face, online or via our call centre which is available 24-7.

Easy to use EPOS 

Your front of house or shopfloor staff will be able to pick up the basics almost immediately after an introduction to the system and initial training (from either you or our training team). In most cases, for example, popular items can be purchased at the press of one or two buttons. Training sessions include modules on business reporting, menu creation, pricing and anti-theft procedures.

Structured service level agreements

You’ll also be able to take advantage of structured service level agreements designed to give you the option of continued support to the level you desire after the initial guarantee period has expired.

We have a series of maintenance support plans to give you the cover and the security you need to run your business smoothly. Each plan is tailored to achieve the right balance between your operational and budgetary needs. As well as formal training, we run regular on-line demonstrations and have a series of EPOS masterclass videos that can be accessed free of charge via this site.