Our EPOS solutions are specifically designed to cater for the on-going needs of multiple site enterprises wanting greater financial and management control over individual outlets and their head office.

Our solutions cover cash and stock management, central head office management and complete end-to-end solutions, depending upon your requirements,  regardless of your chain size or the number of your brands. Because our EPOS solutions are built around a modular system, you only buy what you need. There is no need to invest in hardware, software and other functionality that doesn’t apply to your current operational and strategic requirements.

When you want to enhance your EPOS system as your business grows and matures simply add additional modules. If, for example, the need for greater business intelligence becomes apparent all you have to do is add additional modules and build upon the existing core.

Expert guidance throughout the process

We’ll guide you through the entire process to ensure you fully understand the exciting potential of the new generation of EPOS  technology. By working in close partnership with you, we’ll unlock that potential as it applies to your business.

We recommend starting the consultation process with a specialist like ourselves as soon as possible. Together we can discuss the benefits to each and every department in your organisation through the clever application of EPOS. Operations, marketing, finance, human resources, unit staff and managers, area managers, the executive and the board will all be able operate and work more effectively.

Immediate return on investment

An EPOS solution designed for multiples will have an immediate return on your investment, giving you considerable cash and stock savings, better margins and improved sales and profits.

  • Your business will be more efficient and cost effective.
  • Real time reporting will give you tighter control.
  • Better business intelligence will improve your tactical activity and strategic thinking enabling you to make more effective and more profitable decisions.
  • You’ll also be reducing your head count by eliminating unnecessary duplication and administration costs.

All these benefits and many more are available to you when you invest in one of our EPOS solutions.