Our central managed systems, powered by our core EPOS solutions, integrate with most customer relationship management programs, accounts packages, conference/event management systems, hotel front desk and restaurant table reservation solutions.

An open solution, our CMS interfaces with virtually any specialist software modules, ranging from snooker table and bowling lane management systems to recreational centre solutions and e-commerce. Software integration also includes queue-busting, electronic shelf labels and in-store marketing. We recommend head office solutions are used once a brand concept or a chain reaches four or five outlets.

Here we highlight how people throughout the organisation will benefit.


  • The Board:  CMS business performance information gives your board the evidence they need to drive the strategic decision-making. You dictate the information generated by CMS to assess and analyse an enterprise’s performance and return on investment. The intelligence it provides helps identify strengths, weaknesses and new threats and opportunities. Everyone benefits at head office from the information and intelligence provided by an EPOS solution, enabling them to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Management Executive:  CMS real-time and historical reporting enables your management executive, responsible for day-to-day operations, to implement effective, planned tactical activity, defined by either outlet, chain, product or brand. You decide on the relevant information for your business needs, ensuring the focus is always proactive rather than reactive.
  • Information Technology: A SQL database structure provides a seamless integration framework with existing products, with automated communication routines eliminating staff errors and downtime.
  • Human Resources: CMS automated analysis of individual units’ staffing activity ensures fast and accurate PAYE and wage distribution together with human resources and accounts efficiencies.
  • Accounts: Up-to-the-minute global and site financial information includes the take, banking, safe hold and petty cash. Electronic business sheets eliminate errors, fraud and poor housekeeping, saving time, money and improving all-round business effectiveness.
  • Unit Managers: Unit managers are more time efficient and effective, exercising greater control of their operational environment with CMS. Weekly business sheets, staff-planning modules, real-time stock and staff information and enhanced EPOS security all contribute to a better run, more profitable unit.
  • Unit Operators:  Easy-to-use touchscreen terminals and EPOS software are at the heart of CMS. They give front-of-house operators the freedom and confidence to focus 100% on customer care and service, enhancing the entire guest experience and enabling them to sell more.
  • Area Managers: Area managers can access up-to-the-minute CMS sales information and area comparison reports for both instant snapshots and detailed analysis of their business areas, whenever and wherever they want the information. League tables provide an easily understood and graphic format for informing and motivating unit managers while real-time stock control gives area managers the freedom to carry out ad-hoc spot checks, encouraging greater business efficiency and security.
  • Marketing:  CMS facilitates cost-effective, targeted marketing where customer spending patterns and trends are monitored in real-time and historically. Marketing and promotional activity is initiated and costed on factual, empirical rather than anecdotal evidence. Once live, promotions can be tracked and assessed through the key performance indicators, giving you the scope to amend and adjust activity to bring greater returns.