GS Systems adopts a consultative approach to existing and prospective clients to ensure they optimise the benefits of their EPOS solutions as they grow their enterprises. We do this because we believe a core GS EPOS solution is at the heart of every successful growing hospitality, retail and leisure organisation.

To this end we can provide numerous added-value modules to make your business more effective and profitable. You also have the option to commission software development work to suit the specific requirements of your business. Whatever your needs, we’ll discuss them with you as part of our consultative approach.

Cash management and reconciliation

Simplicity is the key, whoever is using the EPOS solution. Whether it’s staff carrying out cash or card transactions at the point of sale or the manager cashing up at the end of session, our core cash management module ensures everything is managed much easier, faster and more accurately.

Pre-dispensing system

Our easy-to-use, secure pre-dispensing system (PDS) ensures food and drink cannot be dispensed unless inputted into the system and orders printed at the relevant dispense station. Using the PDS is the most effective way to not only enhance the guest experience through better, faster service but it also reduces errors, theft and wastage.

Mobile order processing

This flexible approach to taking orders with handheld terminals maximises sales opportunities, increases customer satisfaction and enables you to manage your space far more effectively, whether it’s a normal session or a special event.

Table management

A complete, easy-to-understand solution, you always know what’s going on in your restaurant, ensuring it runs smoothly without any hiccups. There is also an optional table reservation system. This includes internet reservations to make booking even easier and more convenient for you and your customers.

Sales and stock reporting

Whether it’s a snapshot or a highly detailed drill down, our solutions offer numerous extensive reports, covering every aspect of your business, from what’s selling to a session’s profits or the amount spent with a supplier. Information and reports can be exported to excel and e-mailed to colleagues, no matter when or where they are working.

Stock control

Comprehensive, with multi-level settings from daily line checks to full auditor reports, you decide on the controls you want to protect your stock and ensure you have the knowledge to eliminate unnecessary losses. Our solutions are easily configured to your business needs and operational and accounting procedures.

Card payments

Fully integrated and accredited solutions give you a range of card payment options from credit and debit to contactless and pre-paid transactions and payments. This opens up more ways for customers to spend with you and also saves considerable time reconciling transactions.

Customer loyalty and membership schemes

Promoting your business through web-based software allows you to target existing and new customers. Easy to use and configure, you have the freedom and flexibility to decide the type of campaigns you want to run and when and the people you want to communicate with. This pinpoint accurate targetting eliminates waste and minimises costs while extensive reporting shows the success of your activity.

Gift card and charge systems

Extending the range of payment options enables you to create more selling opportunities so you can offer your customers, or members, enticing incentives and extra added value during their visitor experience.

Staff management and reporting

This module ensures staff management and planning is much easier and reliable. You simply enter staff and shift details together with rates of pay and the module automatically recommends shift patterns. Posting this data to electronic business sheets feeds the cost forecasting module which provides managers with time reductions and precise staff management information.

Profit margin control 

A simple-to-use and configure module, detailed analysis of sales combined with the ability to log and record all promotions, offers and discounts (both complimentary and wastage) allows you to report and maintain healthy profit margins.

Systems control

This module allows you take full control and ownership of the system so you can configure the EPOS solution to accommodate your ever-changing operational, marketing and management needs. Updating products, menus and promotions can be carried out quickly, easily and accurately.

Central management systems

Ideal for multiple outlets where information is king, our central management module gives you unprecedented second-by-second business control, benefiting everyone from frontline unit staff interacting with customers right up to the board planning future strategy. This includes presenting head office reports and league tables in the most appropriate formats to suit your communication needs. Bureau service: for those who prefer not to run your own systems, we have a bureau service to enable us to maintain your products, prices and promotions on your behalf, saving you time and allowing you to concentrate on running your business.