A GS EPOS solution is the most effective technology tool for controlling growing businesses and giving you complete accountability. Our systems provide you with both accurate real-time and historical narratives of how your business is performing. Control mechanisms or procedures will highlight errors and shortfalls, ensuring everyone is accountable as highlighted by three examples.

Cash Control

Integrating cash control into your EPOS solution ensures every transaction is attributed to a person, a shift and a terminal. A void without an explanation is not accepted by the system. Appropriate details have to be added so you get a picture of your business and spot and eliminate unhealthy habits and trends.


Key Performance Indicators constantly monitor and reconcile business activities. A full recipe cost audit highlighted portion control variances – and led to a 3% increase in gross profit and a tastier bottom-line. They can be fed through to you on a daily or even hourly basis to show your current performance.  Our clients invariably want to know gross profit margins (the money you’re making) and staffing costs (your most expensive variable expense).

Spot Checks

Spot checks make everyone more accountable and are very easy to implement. Surprise spot checks are a great way of controlling your business. If they are carried out on an ad hoc basis, stock discrepancies and potential issues can be identified and nipped in the bud. Line checks can be carried out on a daily basis by picking two or three popular items such as bottles of Becks or Magners.

A blind stock count where only you, as the owner/manager, know the figures you should be hitting takes a matter of minutes but sends a long lasting message that tight business controls are in place. There are numerous other steps you can take via your EPOS solution to make your business more accountable. Why not contact us to discuss how?