Services To Solve Your Problems

As a leading independent hospitality technology specialist, GS Systems is much more than just another EPoS provider. We not only provide powerful fully automated EPoS and central management solutions but also offer unrivalled consultancy and managed services support to help businesses grow.

Our solutions can help you streamline your entire organisation’s activities – from takings over the bar or counter right through to end of year account and payroll and your annual tax returns or can simply manage your cash. Because we appreciate no businesses are the same and have different requirements, we provide EPoS through mix-and-match modular suites These can be added to and enhanced as your business grows and matures.

At GS Systems, we have over three decades of cutting-edge EPOS experience – and a complete understanding of all three essential elements. This allows us to take all the risk out of your EPoS and digital technology investment for your brand and/or multi-site business. Support services cover your needs before, during and after your initial technology investment.


Our EPOS solutions provide you with cash management, stock control, marketing and sales promotions, loyalty programmes, human resources full reporting and payroll and accounts. All our hardware and software, from the leading international software developers or written by our own in-house programmers, are fully-tested and analysed for reliability, security and functionality, individually and in combinations.

The technology comes with manufacturers’ guarantees and is supported by our technical support desk (with service level agreements integrated into your initial contract to protect your EPOS investment). Technology includes touchscreen and handheld terminals, bar, kitchen and counter scanners, printers, EFT and chip and pin terminals, network infrastructure and business servers.

All our EPOS-based business management solutions have three main elements, which must be of equal high quality. They are: software, hardware and support services. Only when all three are effectively combined can a successful EPOS and digital technology solution be designed, developed and implemented.

GS Systems is much mure than EPoS. We provide tailored solutions to help you grow your business. Our flexible approach is based on your needs which allows us to provide, implement and support a fully integrated solution from one provider. Our systems also allow us to integrate with other solutions you may already have.

Services vary by client requirements, from providing a solution to a company with a full-in house team, through to businesses who want a full managed solution. We can do as much or as a little as you require, including data management, training and implementation. Full managed loyalty care systems through to stock taking and auditing – we work in partnership with clients.

We help you streamline your operations and allow data to flow through integrated technologies, avoiding duplicated data entry and removing the need for spreadsheets.


We can help increase your profit margins by 4-7% and improve the visibility of your business and KPIs.

Although the  actual cost will vary depending upon your hardware/software combinations and the amount of support you need to optimise the effectiveness of your EPOS system, this is invariably paid back relatively quickly with tighter business controls leading to reduced costs, better sales and improved margins.

Generally, even the most conservative estimates reckon the system, no matter how much it costs, pays for itself within 24-30 months.
With a good EPOS solution all transactions are tracked

However, we can quote several examples where the original cash investment has been recouped in a matter of months as loopholes have been stopped, leakages plugged and dishonest staff exposed.

A good, well-planned epos solution helps you manage and control your business more effectively and profitability on both a day-to-day and long term basis.

As a business control mechanism, it allows you to focus on looking after your customers, safe in the knowledge that your EPOS system is taking care of your business.

You’ll benefit from real-time cash and stock management and a whole lot more depending upon your specific requirements.

You’ll be able to track your sales performance, stock and profits on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis and receive lots of key business data to inform your decision making and identify issues affecting the success of your business.

Armed with this information you can improve the way you operate and grow your business.

Staff won’t succumb to temptation if  you have a fully transparent EPOS solution to keep them honest.

Spillage, wastage and margin control are all so much easier to manage with a EPOS solution with the correct operating procedures in place to track every single transaction.

Duplication is avoided as data only needs to be inputted once.

Cashing up and stock taking at the end of a session or day can be done in ten or twenty minutes rather than a couple of hours – saving time and wages.

Whenever we talk about pricing, we’re also completely transparent about the costs of your EPOS solution. There are no hidden surprises.

You can pay for the system in one go, utilise various lease options (either through ourselves or arrange it yourself) or go for a rental agreement, depending upon how long you need the system.

Lease purchase is one of the most popular payment methods as you a) gain the benefits from the system as you pay for it b) you don’t tie up a large chunk of capital c) you claim the tax back on the entire lease payment as opposed to a 25% depreciation on an outright purchase.