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As a leading independent hospitality specialist, GS SYSTEMS is much more than just another EPOS provider. We not only provide powerful fully automated EPOS and enterprise management solutions but also unrivalled consultancy and managed services to support and help your business grow.
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Our solutions comprise of modular products and services. Every business is different so this approach allows us to create unique solutions that perfectly fit your business needs.
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Fully customisable, MAX EPOS enables us to deliver a solution fully tailored around your business needs, meaning you can quickly and easily meet all of your requirements.
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We not only provide powerful fully automated EPOS and enterprise management solutions but also offer unrivalled consultancy and managed services to support and help your businesses to grow.

In the retail sector there are so many factors that go into building a successful enterprise, from employing the right people, to working with cutting-edge, reliable technology. Whilst the business priorities across the industry can vary, one priority that is relevant to all businesses is the need for servicing customers in a quick and convenient way.

Consumers want a fast and easy service

Consumers expect a fast and easy service, whether that is in regards to taking payments or when they are buying products online, so as a business you need to be able to accommodate that.

The retail sector is fiercely competitive, so it is important that you provide an exceptional level of service both online and in-store or you risk losing customers to your competitors. Nobody likes to wait in a long queue to pay for their shopping, so make sure that your customers don’t have to. You can trust our technology systems to drive your business forward rather than hold you back.

Exceed customer expectations

Our EPOS solutions provide your business with the technology infrastructure that will enable you to meet and exceed those customer expectations. Our fast, powerful EPOS software and hardware solutions will take your retail business to the next level.







EPOS-based digital technology tools allow you to engage with your valuable customers and guests at-site, online and via social media. They also help you build a better, more profitable business. However, accessing the unprecedented power of digital technology is one of the biggest challenges facing hospitality operators today. This is where GS excels. Our fully integrated business management solutions, backed up by unrivalled expertise and experience, make life a lot easier for you and your team, enabling you to work smarter, rather than harder.

MAX EPOS runs on numerous devices from traditional touchscreen EPOS terminals to handheld devices and tablets. We utilise the latest hardware technology to ensure your customers receive the best possible experience by maximising speed of service. Our queue busting handheld ordering tablets and integrated contactless payments help to serve more customers in less time.

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Any good business needs procedures and processes to run efficiently. GS Systems work with you to put procedures in place with the max suite system to support it. Max suite automatically tracks every sale giving you a full breakdown of each transaction making your end of day procedure much smarter and quicker.

MAX GP will help to keep your costs down through a combination of tight stock and recipe control, cash control and embedding your procedures across your estate.

Max suite cash and cost control eases your worries by tracking each sale with what should have been exchanged for cash, enabling you to quickly reconcile and identify problems on a daily basis.

If you require any advice on your stock control policy we can help with our vast experience with stock control or we can undertake this as a fully managed service.

Max suite gives you all the necessary tools to manage stock providing a completely watertight solution giving you all the tools you need to protect your stock investment and see how your business is operating in real- time.

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A proven point of sale technology solution used by many of the UK’s leading multi-site independent operators like Almost Famous, Baa Bar and San Carlo. MAX EPOS is our starting point for all our EPOS-based business management solutions.

There is an ever-expanding way to pay and we provide the full spectrum of payment methods integrated or standalone if required to your business.

We recommend our integrated payment solutions which incorporate Contactless, Apple Pay, Android Pay, we can also provide a range of cashless solutions to meet all requirements.

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MAX Online is a web-based shopping solution ordering fully integrated to all the most popular payment gateways. Your customers can order via the internet to either click and collect or have their order home delivered.

MAX Online integrates all online sales and stock transactions and movements into your EPoS-based business management solution so data is ready for immediate real-time analysis.  This opens up new sales opportunities and revenue streams at a fraction of the cost of bricks and mortar outlets.

Allow your customers to order and pay online. Our fully integrated EPOS system will allow you to track these orders and integrate fully into your website enabling your establishment to take orders 24/7.

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MAX Connect is the customer engagement platform which includes customer loyalty, electronic gift cards, cashless payment and membership systems.

The average customer spends and additional 40% extra than the value on the gift card providing additional add on sales for your business. Gift Cards provide perfect gifts for every seasonal event or celebration providing a great opportunity to introduce new customers into your business.

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Improve consistency and speed and quality of service by optimising the communication process between your kitchen and front of house staff. Instead of paper checks which can go missing, orders entered on the PoS appear instantly on kitchen display screens and can be configured to display simple order info, or used to manage preparation.

The GS Kitchen Display System is extremely comprehensive and provides really useful management information to help drive consistency of service across a multi-site estate. With the optional KDS reporting software you can analyse kitchen and server performance from a high level, such as items prepared/delivered right down to a granular level like % of courses ordered vs courses delivered on time etc.

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MAX HR encompasses rota scheduling, time & attendance, employee database and labour cost control giving you instant, real-time control over the complete management of your team, including accurate wage reporting and sales forecasting.

Staff costs are the biggest variable in your business, which is where MAX HR comes into its own. MAX HR offers you a complete real­time overview of staff attendance with daily staff rotas available instantly on any device. The clocking-in solution for employees features automatic image capture for extra security.

Our solutions are easily tailored to your requirements, irrespective of your turnover, number of outlets and staff you employ. They process, track and record cash and stock transactions and movements. Captured data can be analysed in real-time, allowing you to manage your business better than ever before. We work in partnership with you and your team sharing expertise from our specialists with their own first-hand operator experience.

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MAX Bookings empowers independent restaurants and restaurant estates of all sizes to benefit from the extensive functionality of our advanced web-based table reservation software. It is the easiest, most cost­effective solution on the market. You can take unlimited bookings without paying a single cover charge when customers reserve a table online. You can manage the entire customer engagement journey from your desktop, tablet and mobile.

Our table maximiser feature allows you to auto-shuffle table reservations to optimise the capacity of your restaurant, a great feature especially during busy sessions. As soon as customers book on line, you’re also capturing invaluable data about them to use in future marketing and promotional campaigns. MAX Bookings really helps you work smarter, not harder.

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MAX Bookings is the easiest, most cost effective intuitive online table reservations solution on the market. With its full range of dining functionality it can be tailored to any hospitality business large or small.

The software runs and is managed on a Windows platform, you can view MAX on most smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers and online devices wherever you have an internet connection.









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