MAX HR: Time & Attendance

Staff costs are the biggest variable in your business, which is where MAX HR comes into its own. An easy to use budgeting and forecasting web-based tool, MAX HR offers you a complete real-time overview of staff attendance with daily staff lists and rotas available within minutes as and when you need them. There is also a clever clocking-in feature for employees with an automatic image capture for extra security.

MAX HR also has a staff  planning module to help make working days easier and more productive.  MAX HR gives you instant, real-time control over the complete management of your team, including accurate wage reporting and sales forecasting. MAX HR’s labour costing module gives live wage costs contrasting hours worked and sales, data that allows you to make operational and strategic staffing decisions using trustworthy data.

  • Staff clocking in
  • Forecast against live labour cost
  • Snapshot of staff
  • Staff report
  • Daily staff list
  • Staff attendance report