MAX GP: Recipe Management & Costing

MAX GP gives you all the necessary tools to manage your cash and stock and see how your business is operating real-time.

Our automated EPoS-based business management solutions deliver a whole host of must-have analysis and intelligence, such as auto-populated cash management reports showing and displaying all trade movements. Information is automatically fed directly from EPoS terminals and tablets, eliminating human error.

Business sheets show important intel such as KPIs for cover analysis and void/refund usage and sales analysis by department. Our fully accountable stock control solution embraces all aspects of stock movement and tracking from placing orders with wholesalers through to monitoring wastage.

A completely watertight web-based solution, MAX GP gives you all the tools you need to protect your investment in the stock, food and drink that are essential to you running your business. As well as providing the stock control tools, we can also advise on your stock control policy, including managing this as a service.

Improve consistency and speed and quality of service by optimising the communication process between your kitchen and front of house staff. Instead of paper checks which can go missing, orders entered on the PoS appear instantly on kitchen display screens and can be configured to display simple order info, or used to manage preparation.

The GS Kitchen Display System is extremely comprehensive and provides really useful management information to help drive consistency of service across a multi-site estate. With the optional KDS reporting software you can analyse kitchen and server performance from a high level, such as items prepared/delivered right down to a granular level like % of courses ordered vs courses delivered on time etc.

MAX GP is our essential business management solution (built around StockLink), which gives you the tools to see how you business is performing currently and historically. MAX GP is all about boosting growth and profit – with the solution configured to easily access measurable key performance indicators.

MAX GP features five core elements, implemented as and when appropriate to your business needs.

  • Cash controls
  • Sales reporting and business intelligence
  • Stock control and purchase order processing
  • Staff management, including rotas and staff costs
  • EPOS controls, including solution management, updates, promotions and new products