MAX BOOKINGS: Table Management

MAX Bookings enhances the guest experience. The easy-to-use table reservation solution that is always very friendly. With MAX Bookings you can really engage with your guests on a one-to-one basis every time you connect with them:

When customers make their table reservations with MAX Bookings you can post notes and preferences about their bookings.

MAX remembers guests that have booked before and recognises telephone, email or address details even if names are entered incorrectly.

MAX sends emails and texts to customers to confirm the reservation.

Easy online table reservations with no hidden costs or surprises. MAX Bookings empowers independent restaurants and restaurant estates of all sizes to benefit from the extensive functionality of our advanced table reservation software.

We have four packages that share the same functionality but are differentiated by the number of tables that can be managed and the number of devices that use MAX Bookings. You simply pick the package that best works for your business and add additional table blocks or devices as and when necessary.