Cards and E-Payments

A proven point of sale technology solution used by many of the UK’s leading multi-site independent operators like Almost Famous, Baa Bar and San Carlo. MAX EPOS is our starting point for all our EPOS-based business management solutions. 

There is an ever-expanding way to pay and we provide the full spectrum of payment methods integrated or standalone if required to your business.

We recommend our integrated payment solutions which incorporate Contactless, Apple Pay, Android Pay, we can also provide a range of cashless solutions to meet all requirements.

Easy for staff to use (introductory training takes less than 15 minutes), transactions are quick with short cuts for popular items for even greater speed. Extremely functional and flexible, MAX EPOS records and tracks sales, bookings, deposits, wastage…. in fact, everything you need to monitor in your business.

With an integrated payment solution this is proven to eradicate issues with double entry issues, also speeding up the payment process. You won’t only be improving the customer experience but also the employee experience. More than half of all transactions are now carried out by card

The solutions we provide are all p2pe and PCI compliant

Saves time reconciling at the end of the day

  • Face to face
  • Online
  • Over the phone
  • Mobile