Peazi: The Quickest Way to Order & Pay

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Peazi was originally designed as a queue jumper to minimise time spent waiting to get served and to maximise time spent with friends. But now more than ever, it’s critical to make the most of your trading times, whilst keeping your customers and staff safe. Our frictionless mobile order & pay platform helps you to maximise your revenue in venue by allowing them to order and pay from the comfort of their seats. There’s no app to download and no sign up process – just scan, order and pay.

For your customers this means no menus to touch, no waiters to wait for and no cash or PDQs to handle. Just a super-fast, Covid-secure way to order and pay for food and drinks. For you as the operator, this means your staff are working in a safer environment with fewer physical contact points. Due to the massively streamlined ordering process, larger volumes of sales can be processed in a shorter space of time which also means increasing revenue and better control of labour costs. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. As cashless payments have become more ubiquitous, cash tips have taken a gradual nose dive. And with the further declining use of cash since the start of the pandemic, the problem has steadily worsened. We recognised that your valuable staff would be noticing the difference and decided to step in. Now through our one-touch tipping feature, your customers can leave a tip on Peazi when completing their transaction, by selecting one of the three percentage options from 5-15%. Does it work? Put it this way, one operator has reported that in one month alone, their entire team took home the equivalent of 1 extra week’s pay in wages. Now that’s got to make a difference!

Can Peazi do anything else? Absolutely. Want to offer a delivery service? Peazi does it. Want to offer a collection service? Peazi does it. Need your mobile order & pay system to be fully EPoS and stock management integrated? Peazi does that too!

Get in touch now to see how Peazi can help you and to arrange a demo.