Our clients, including several Sundays Times Fast Track 100 regulars, are integral to our success as a specialist EPOS consultancy providing proven solutions for growing hospitality and retail businesses with multiple sites. We’ve established great working relationships with many of our clients, stretching back to the start of the century (and beyond in several instances).

Here we present a selection of case studies featuring various hospitality and retail clients…


Living Ventures is one of the best-known names in the UK hospitality sector with a reputation for developing highly original national hospitality concepts like Living Rooms and Bar ‘n’ Grill while at the same time resurrecting and revitalising brands like the well established Est Est Est restaurant chain.


  • Wireless networking & Windows CE powered Handheld ordering terminals to speed the ordering process, improve customer service and increase sales revenue.
  • Broadband internet automatically transfer sales data from sites to HO, providing near real-time sales information at HO as and when required.
  • Microsoft standard SQL server database interfaces and manages the flow of data from the Epos system right the way through to the accounting systems, providing up-to-date management information and avoiding unnecessary duplication and administrative costs.
  • Using Wireless technology to enable the flexibility of service – Living Room, Oxford have a large sun terrace with BBQ grill area outside – during sunny periods chefs can cook on the outside BBQ and receive the orders through wireless dispensary printers (wireless IP printing).
  • Clever modern software design with built-in error checking is used at site level for the manager to reconcile cash, cheques and credit card takings and automate the banking and administration, saving time and simplifying the process.
  • Broadband & VPN technology allow all sites to access a central customer database of all membership card holders enabling LV to operate a real-time loyalty system that not only allows theirs customers to earn points, they can also redeem them the same evening at any site across the UK.


Salford is a busy, dynamic city, a thriving cultural, economic and residential location covering 37 square miles of stunning urban living and open spaces, home to over 220,000 people proud to call themselves Salfordians. It is responsible for providing their citizens with public amenities such as schools, social services and environmental health as well as administrative functions like licensing. Throughout all its activities, Salford is committed to saving taxpayers money being saving time, resources and increasing efficiencies.

Prior to GS installing a powerful RMS retail EPoS system, the sales of birth, marriage and death certificates were manually written down in traditional ledgers. Approximately 60 births and deaths are registered per day with 30 minutes allocated to each registration. In one recent quarter, the council had 473 marriages and civil partnerships. Sales figures for each office were added daily, weekly, monthly and year end, a labour intensive and time- consuming process at the busy offices.


  • Salford City Council now runs fully automated and streamlined register offices which include chip ‘n’ pin facilities and an interface with the council’s financial systems for exporting sales data. Work that once took a couple of hours can be done in 15 minutes.

  • ‘GS Systems is our EPoS partner of choice. They have worked with us before on a number of projects including the Salford Museum & Art Gallery and Odsall Hall. What we like about them as a business is their willingness to fit around what we want and to accommodate our requirements. They willingly accept our thinking and use their expertise to everyone’s advantage. The EPoS solution installed in our register offices was integrated much faster than we expected and feeds seamlessly into our central financial systems.

  • We’re now looking at other opportunities of automating and streamlining other areas within the city council and its five districts where we take cash or card payments from the public.’
    Geoff Topping, Assistant Director of Corporate Services, Salford City Council

  • ‘Under the old manual system all seven register offices would cash up every night. One person in each office would reconcile our daily activities.

  • The same exercise was repeated for weekly and monthly reconciliations and the annual accounts. We used old legal ledgers, filled them in by hand. Cash was collected, counted and banked. The cashing-up process would often start at 3.30pm.

  • Now what was once two hours work can be done in 15 minutes, freeing seven members of staff each day to focus on other tasks, ensuring we can provide a better service.

  • One of the major areas they excelled was training, covering the terminals and the back office to ensure we were all fully aware of how the system worked. We were able to go live earlier than planned and feel very confident with the technology at an early stage.
    Andrea Matthias, Registrar, Salford City Council


Max Spielmann wanted to accurately record sales transactions for a vast range of photo store products as easily, efficiently and quickly as possible. The products range from ordering prints to using digital images for numerous brilliant gift ideas.


  • After extensive consultation, GS recommended a system based around Sharp UP-800 fully integrated point of sale terminals

  • Integrated receipt printer (with option for electronic journal also).
    Sealed flat keyboard suitable for harsh environment with 90 defineable “quick sale” keys.

  • Compact cash drawer and small footprint.

  • Capable of connecting to a WAN (Wide Area Network) using IP addressing.

  • Customised screen layout.

  • The solution was also customised to allow the addition of an integrated Credit Card terminal when required.

  • GS trained the key Max Spielmann people who would in turn train the area managers and branch managers.

  • GS provided a seven day telephone support service along with on-site hardware support.

  • Our internal & external support teams were trained on the Max Spielmann operation and tesing/training hardware was made available in our technical support suite to allow our team to talk clients through any queries on a step by step basis.


  • The system was rolled out within the three-week period and on budget.
  • The solution has proven to meet all of the specified criteria and Max Spielmann continue to utilise GS to support the solution and build upon its functionality.
  • Quick timescale
  • Bespoke programming – customised solutions
  • Flexible training & support options
  • Good knowledge and relationships with suppliers
  • Ongoing consultation & evaluation.
  • Fixed cost solution – delivered within budget.Multi-line LCD display to clearly show transactions & product choices.


GS Systems enjoys a long and successful relationship with Stockport Council, a forward-thinking organisation which is implementing a wide range of exciting new initiatives for the people of the borough and the thousands of tourists who flock to the area every year.

One of Stockport Council’s most recent and imaginative successes has been the Market Place/Staircase House development in Stockport town centre, which is the focal point of the Market Place/Shawcross Fold regeneration project. Although the new development takes a glance back at the town’s history from its beginnings to the present, its epos and management systems features the most up-to-date technology provided by GS Systems.

This includes the new Microsoft Retail Management System software package and hardware specified and installed by GS.

“Stockport Council is progressive in every sense of the word. Not only with its regeneration schemes but also with its choice of epos to ensure it controls the business side of running its tourist centres and tourist attractions,” said Marc Wikinson of GS Systems.

“We recommended Microsoft for the new complex as it provided staff with an easy to use point of sale system while at the same time giving managers all the relevant information to run the outlets effectively.”


  • GS used Microsoft RMS to run the suites for both museum services divisions
  • Post code analysis enables councils to monitor visitor information for informed, targeted mail shots based on the data provided.
  • Salford sites require an import of data into its SAP system. RMS reports are set to export into XML file formats for ease of import
  • Calendar functionality allows events to be put on the system to prompt reminders. For example notice of school parties ensures staff availability
  • Messaging – a small intranet system within the PoS allows members of staff to leave important messages for other colleagues. This can also be carried out from the back office
  • Refund reasons determine where returned items go. For example, a broken item would be returned to the off-line stock to allow decisions to be made later as to what will be done with the product whereas an unwanted gift would be returned to the main stock for immediate availability.
  • Helpful cashier prompts means certain items have an automatic prompt display. For instance, “this product requires batteries”, “is the customer aware of this related product”, “this product contains nuts”.
  • Customer sales can be assigned to a customer at a different cost from retail. This is particularly relevant in a council environment for internal transferring where costs have to be associated and accounted for separately.


Broken Cross Paints is a fast-expanding independent DIY business based in Cheshire who wants an EPoS solution to give the management team a greater degree of control at site level and head office.


  • GS provided a solution to control an expanding business
  • Purchase orders needed to be created locally with a head office review facility prior to placing to prevent over-ordering
  • Allowed stock to be transferred between stores.
  • Head-office also have the ability to recommend orders for sites to approve or disapprove.
  • The system also has to account for the large number of trade account customers who required billing on an arranged basis as well as their unique pricing arrangements.


Although still a youngish business, Felicini’s has quickly established itself as one of the North-West’s leading restaurant operators. With attention to detail and quality service and food in a comfortable, sophisticated dining environment, the fast growing chain is one of he region’s most talked about restaurant brands.


  • A state-of-the-art touchscreen and software combination gives the functionality required to control a busy outlet while aesthetically matching the contemporary design of the concept
  • SQL servers gives the necessary speed and flexibility required to process transactions efficiently and reliably to back office/head office
  • Wireless networking and Windows CE-powered handheld ordering terminals speed up ordering, improve customer service and increase sales revenue.
  • Wireless technology enables the flexibility of service. For instance, Felicini Manchester has a sun terrace overlooking the river and wireless handhelds allow full management of the outside area.
  • Broadband internet automatically transfers sales data from sites to HO, providing real-time sales information at HO.


The Lowry is an architectural triumph and arts flagship for Salford and the north west bringing together a wide variety of performing and visual arts under one roof. The Lowry houses two main theatres and studio space for performing arts (1,730, 466 and 180 seats respectively).

It presents a full range of drama, opera, ballet, dance, musicals, children’s shows, popular music, jazz, folk and comedy and gallery spaces (1,610 metres of floor space) throughout the year. On the hospitality front, the Lowry comprises of a modern and stylish Restaurant, a Café Bar, Coffee Shop and theatre bars The Lowry covers a wide spectrum of catering requirements. GS first worked with the Lowry when it was launched in 2000 and retained the business after a competitive pitch.

They required a single solution that was flexible enough to provide:

  • Fast order processing for the coffee shops with dispensary printing on selected lines
    accurate table billing and order printing in the restaurant
    quick overview of table availability /status within the restaurant
    fast ordering and bill settlement in the restaurant (particularly pre-theatre meals, when everyone wants to pay and leave the restaurant as the show starts)
  • Fast, efficient & accurate bar sales to enable the maximum of transactions to be processed at peak times during shows
  • Interval Drinks Facility – to allow drinks to be pre-ordered, pre-paid and dispensed ready for the interval
  • Full stock control for all areas
  • Employee tracking and labour cost management
  • Management reporting
  • Wireless integrated Chip & Pin
  • Credit Card solution for processing transactions at the table
  • Wired integrated chip & Pin
  • Credit Card solution for processing transactions quickly in the coffee shops


  • The Sharp UP-X500 colour touchscreen terminals configured with Windows XP
  • Pro and GS V3 epos application provides simple, secure and configurable epos terminals for all locations.
  • Staff sign on using magnetic fast and secure swipe cards with the benefit of full reporting down to transaction level
  • Cards can be for staff promotional incentives and bonus tracking.
  • Wireless handheld ordering terminals used in the restaurant allow the best waiting staff to stay permanently on the restaurant floor giving excellent customer service and increasing sales capacity.
  • Dispensary printers positioned in numerous locations throughout the complex allow food and drink orders to be prepared to order in the designated bars and kitchens, which also allows full stock trackability and accounting.
  • We have replaced the previous Interval Drinks pen & paper system with an extremely efficient automated system. Guests can order drinks at the bar for the interval or alternatively (to boost sales) Portable wireless epos terminals are set up in strategic locations to take interval orders. The fast thermal receipt printer will print a unique voucher with the location no. of the drinks.
  • Once the show is underway the staff at each of the locations can print off the orders for their location and dispense, ready for collection in the interval. This system increases sales revenue, reduces errors, improves cash/stock control, increases efficiency and improves customer service.
  • Central Management and stock control gives the Lowry team full system control and allows them to implement special one-off menus for Valentines or Mother’s Day.
  • New products can be set to automatically be added to the touchscreens at all or selected locations.
  • Full stock takes are done in-house using GS stock control module with multiple levels availability: for example, a few stock lines can be checked each day; full stock checks can be done internally weekly and monthly if required and yet an auditor can do ad-hoc checks over any period.

Bongo’s Bingo are an innovative and whacky night club experience with a twist, involving non-blue rinse high energy bingo fused with booze and lots of dancing. Hailing from Liverpool, the concept has grown exponentially in popularity and over the past year the event has gone from hosting a few events around the UK to taking over venues worldwide in the likes of Amsterdam, Dubai, Ibiza and Australia. So much so is the love for Bongo’s Bingo that tickets sell out fast – the record so far being in 2 minutes.

Each event sees over 600 budding bonkers bingo players, all with a thirsty appetite to play, dance and drink. With each event interspersed with a number of intervals, the numerous bars need to be able to serve the needs of pretty much every person before the games begin and at each short interval. As such, the owners’ desire to introduce better cash controls and improve speed of service at the same time are logical so GS Systems have partnered with them to introduce a massively streamlined point of sale solution with cashless payments. Comprising the latest space saving touch screen PoS terminal from Sharp and cashless payment terminals at each bar, cash holding is hugely reduced and transaction times have reduced to help increase security, drive up turnover and quench the thirsty throng.

The Midway is a contemporary eating and drinking venue proud of its home cooked foods, which not only caters for lunch, mid-afternoon tea and dinner,
but also specialise in parties, conferences and private functions. They take many bookings and deposits for events and surrounding businesses but they really wanted to improve their very manual process (write booking in diary, take deposit, remember deposit taken and deduct from bill manually
etc.) With regards cash control, it was possible for staff to make ‘mistakes’ and for this to go unnoticed so it was important that the owners could have full visibility of transactions and can easily spot any untoward activity and stem it quickly.

The Solution
By implementing our solution, the Midway now have a much greater visibility of their business and through automated end of day reports and the dynamic web based MAX Reports module, the owners are able to see how individual members of staff are performing as well as analyse transactions and overall sales to a granular level. By implementing GS Systems’ table reservation system – MAX Bookings, the Midway now enjoys a much simpler booking process which will afford the staff more time to spend with their customers.