What’s the true cost of an EPOS solution?

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The true cost of an EPOS solution can never be adequately measured by the figures that appear on an invoice. Rather than asking what’s the true cost of an EPOS system, the question should be reversed.  What is the cost of NOT having a good EPOS solution in place?

For GS clients, our EPOS and the support we provide are essential to their continued success and expansion  – as Marcello Distefano from San Carlo, Living Ventures’ Jeremy Roberts, Viva Brazil’s Andy Aldrich, Black Dog Ballroom’s Ross Mackenzie, James Almond from Almond Family Pubs and the Baa Bar Group’s Andrew Blackburn discuss when they talk about the bottom line benefits our EPOS solutions have on their growing businesses.

Good EPOS will pay for itself many times over. A system with all the correct procedures embedded around it should be generating an immediate return on investment from the day it is installed. GS has installed systems and within two months of installing that system the customers have already recouped their initial outlay.

According to our managing director Niels Nielsen, if you’re serious about growing your business you can’t afford to NOT have a good EPOS system.



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