Why use Handheld Ordering Systems?

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Handheld ordering systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for most businesses in the hospitality sector. A cost effective solution to help you improve your customer service, maximise sales opportunities and avoid disappointment with guests.
So we have put together some benefits and implications when considering to use handheld tablets within your business.


Efficiency with guests

Tablets are compact and lightweight allowing your servers to manoeuvre the floor with everything they need to take orders. This allows your staff to take time with each table of guests to explain your menu and removing the time taken to walk over from each table to the fixed Epos to input the order.


Reduce order errors

On the walk to input the order servers on a busy shift can be easily distracted increasing the chance of making errors or forget to input parts of the order.


Up-sell your products

Upselling becomes a lot easier with a portable POS system, as your servers are taking orders on the floor rather than at the terminal the device can prompt to remind the servers to ask for side dishes, sauces or extra drinks.


Avoid disappointing guests

A fully integrated solution should allow you access to the most up to date and real time reports. This ensures that you never take an order that can’t be made!


Allergen information at your fingertips

Menus provide details on each dish but a tablet can contain pictures of every dish and how they should look within it. Not only this, but it’s a great tool for checking against a customer’s allergen information. A full breakdown of ingredients used in all dishes and drinks are easily accessible upon request, ensuring no issues or misunderstandings.


Intuitive to use

Handheld ordering systems run from the same software on the EPOS terminal so training shouldn’t be required and as touch screen functionality is used so frequently on tablet devices they are simple to use.


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Despite all the benefits of handheld ordering systems you do need to ensure that the WiFi within your business can support the use especially in busy periods. We recommend using a separate secured network not the public WiFi.

When proper security procedure is not in place and devices are left unattended, they can be easily stolen or “misplaced”. A traditional EPOS system isn’t very appealing to thieves due to its size; however, portable options seem to be easier to get away with so ensure you store them out of sight and on charge to keep the battery life topped up.

In a high-volume restaurant, utilising a portable POS system can result in faster turnaround for your tables, ultimately resulting in fast and efficient service. When used at its best and with a backup solution on hand, a portable POS system can be the ideal solution for many businesses. With the correct software installed, your servers should have the confidence to manage their orders and their time efficiently.

To find out how GS systems portable POS systems can benefit you and your business, get in touch today!