Unlocking the power of EPOS

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GS Systems is launching a new managed services facility to give small multiple brand concepts with under five sites all the benefits of a central management solution without purchasing a head office system.

The new service is tailored to the unique needs of each business. Options include helping to monitor the business centrally, setting up prices, menus and supplier lists and advice on promotions and marketing

Richard Tarran, GS Systems’ operations director and a vastly experienced bar, restaurant and nightclub operator, trainer, area manager and IT specialist, is responsible for running the bespoke service for existing and new clients.

“My time working with the likes of Living Ventures, Deep Pan Pizza and Bass proves beyond doubt the importance of using all the available EPOS tools. EPOS can give you watertight controls of your business if you have embedded the correct procedures. One of our roles, in addition to the reporting and configuration, is to empower clients to realise the potential of their investment,” said Richard.

“The other major benefit is the cost of the subscription will be repaid several times over because of the savings we’ll help clients make.  By working together to implement procedures that will be adopted across the business we can plug all the leaks where cash and stock can mysteriously disappear.”

“I’ve seen most tricks that people play in bars and restaurants but the most effective way to stop their creativity is to make everyone accountable. Once you forensically track each transaction and see its complete DNA you’re eliminating the opportunities to make ‘mistakes’,” said Richard.

“There are definite economies of scale at work with EPOS solutions. Small multiples with two, three or four outlets are in a ‘no man’s land’ situation. They can clearly see a requirement to have a central management capability. However, it is difficult to justify the cost of the system and employing additional staff to run and manage it at a particularly critical growth period in their development,” said GS Systems managing director, Niels Nielsen.  “Once they have five or more outlets, the investment in a head office solution and in-house support resources makes much more economic and administrative sense.”


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