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A very sad story in the Manchester Evening News reveals that TV writer and comedian reveals Caroline Aherne is fighting lung cancer. This is a shock to us all. We all love Caroline for the brilliant Royal Family and before that her hilarious Mrs Merton character. What’s more, she’s a local Manchester girl, raised in Wythenshawe.

Caroline is a great inspiration

The MEN reports Caroline is recovering from treatment and is helping to launch ‘the Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership, which will bring together cancer care providers and patients to better support those affected by the disease.’

Everyone at GS wishes her all the best, both in her personal battle with the disease and the MCIP campaign.

She’s not only playing an important role championing awareness in Manchester but is also a great inspiration for all of us at GS – especially during our long arduous training sessions to prepare GS Team MAX Power to tackle a hat trick of tough charity cycling challenges this summer. You can donate here. 

The races are from Manchester to Liverpool (Sunday 25 May), Chester (Sunday 15 June) and Blackpool (Sunday 13 July).

Personally important 

The staff cycling team at GS will riding with various levels of expertise to raise cash for three worthy charities, including The Christie, which has been pioneering cancer research breakthroughs for over 100 years. The Christie is the largest cancer centre in Europe treating more than 40,000 patients every year. The money we raise will contribute to this great work and help Caroline and thousands like her combat cancer.

Our other charities are the NSPCC, dedicated to ending child cruelty across the UK, and Kidscan, which supports research into new and improved treatments for children with cancer.

Both are personally important to me as I’ve only just given birth to a wonderful young baby boy, William.

I know every parent says the same but you only really appreciate how precious and special life is when you have your own child. Having William in my life reinforces how all children deserve the best possible start and care at the beginning of their lives.

First to the finish line – and the bar

Caroline and William will be driving me on as we pedal across the north west this summer. Each member of the MAX Power team will have their own personal inspirations too – as well as each other.

All of us appreciate tackling the races are going to be extremely tough – but with a group of friends and work colleagues teaming up, we not only share the exertions and workload but also the celebration of our mutual achievements afterwards.

I am sure there will be two races at each event. The first to the finishing line – and the first to the bar to get a celebratory round in!

You can contribute to the MAX Power team too with a cash donation through our Just Giving page. Every single donation counts. No matter how small. We’ve set ourselves a modest target but we want to raise a lot more.

In the meantime, it’s back to the training schedule before Sunday 25 May. Wish us all luck. Come on boys. Let’s raise some cash for three great causes. 


Rachel xx




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