Six great tips about loyalty cards

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Loyalty schemes are increasingly popular with hospitality professionals and retailers alike, especially during such tough and competitive trading conditions.

Here are five great reasons how they can change how you market and promote your business.  And boost your profits. Simply by running loyalty card campaigns through your EPOS solution.

1. You sell more by offering attractive offers and promotions during quiet periods. Like an early bird buy one get one free meal offer.

2. You eliminate expensive advertising and marketing costs. No more running expensive design, print and distribution bills. Or employing expensive advertising and marketing agencies. You and your staff can run campaigns in-house really easily through the internet. You can communicate with your customers direct to their desktop, smartphone or tablet at the press of a button.

3. You can track the success of your promotions and reporting in real time through your normal EPOS reporting processes and actually see what they have added to your bottom line. Every time they swipe the card through the EPOS terminal you’re tracking and recording their activity.

4. You can really get up and close and very personal with the information collecting about your customers when they sign up with you. For example, if you’re capturing their dates of birth you can send them birthday greetings and offer them a complimentary bottle of wine when they dine with you on their special day.

5. You’re encouraging customer loyalty. Reward them for their custom and they’ll keep coming back. Time after time.

6. You’re not undermining your brand by publicising via adverts, leaflets and posters what could be classed as discounts – rather you’re rewarding and thanking customers for their continued loyalty and support.



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