Site surveys essential to successful installations.

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Site surveys are an integral element of our EPOS implementation process and the starting point for every solution we install and configure for our clients, writes GS project manager Andrew Elliott.

To even consider carrying out an installation without a comprehensive inspection is inviting trouble. The absence of a site survey can cause a multitude of unseen problems including increased installation time, extra costs and delayed openings.

Most comprehensive around

Our site surveys are probably the most comprehensive in our sector and involve a  step by step walk through of an installation so all the devices, such as EPOS terminals and back office/head office and IT solutions, all perform at optimum levels.

One of our project managers or surveyors will plan exactly where network cables and power points are required based upon the location for the network topology.  This helps ensure our solutions have full remote access and where necessary private network connections from day one.

Wireless networking is increasingly important for many clients and we will setup special equipment strategically located to ensure maximum signal level throughout the building. This is especially relevant for handheld and payment terminals.

Work closely with third parties 

Throughout the process we’ll work with third parties and the client to ensure good communications are maintained at all times.

Detailed plans/schematics/pictures are used to illustrate the epos requirements and ensure a smooth installation – and backed later by our support and training packages.

It’s a lot of work but well worth the effort and investment in time. We’ve seen too many cases where chaos reigns when a survey hasn’t been carried out professionally.

Make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Want to find out more about site surveys. Contact Andrew Elliott or business development managers Mike Chung or Ryan Lowry on 0800 655 6264.


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