Get Smarter from GS Systems is a bespoke managed services facility to give small multiple brand concepts with under five sites all the benefits of a central management solution without purchasing a head office system.

Clients taking advantage of the Get Smarter managed services offering use GS Systems’ servers to host their EPOS data, which, for example, can then be used to populate selected pre-specified reports and business intelligence. The flexible subscription service is designed to accommodate short, medium and long term EPOS needs, such as:

  • EPOS support while you recruit your own internal resources.

  • specialist EPOS support to complement your own internal IT team

  • annual subscription service where we act as your ‘in-house’ EPOS team (without you incurring the cost of employing your own people).

Each package can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. Options include helping to monitor the business centrally, setting up prices, menus and supplier lists and advice on promotions and marketing.

Why you might want to Get Smarter?

EPOS can give you watertight controls for your business if you have embedded the correct procedures – and Get Smarter is designed to help you do just that.

In addition to reporting and configuration, Get Smarter empowers you to realise the potential of your EPOS investment.

The saving we make for you will ensure the cost of the subscription will be repaid several times over.

By working together to implement procedures that will be adopted across the business we can plug cash and stock leakages.

Who needs Get Smarter?

Get Smarter is ideal for  small multiples with two, three or four outlets who can clearly see a requirement to have a central management capability although it is difficult to justify the cost of the system and employing additional staff to run and manage it.

For multiples with five or more outlets, the investment in a head office solution and in-house support resources makes more economic and administrative sense.