Gift Cards sold, configured and redeemed through your EPOS solution are a simple but highly effective way to increase revenue and open new sales opportunities. You can sell gift cards to your customers who use your pub, restaurant or retail outlet at the point of sale. All you have to do is determine the value of the gift and swipe a blank card through the terminal’s card reader.  This can range from £40 to £50 or higher, depending upon the occasion.

Ideal presents whatever the time of year

  • They are ideal for Xmas, birthdays, anniversaries and any other celebration.
  • Your brand’s gift card can be given as a present, a reward or a thank you to purchaser’s family and friends, work colleagues or any one else.
  • It can be redeemed at any of your outlets according to whatever criteria you want to set in advance.

Builds your brand and increases cashflow

  • An attractive well-designed plastic card placed in a high specification printed cardboard wallet will also help promote your brand and your business.
  • Without question, this is a cost-effective and smart method of winning new customers and improving your cashflow.

Gift cards are risk-free

What’s more, the whole process is risk-free as all card balances are held centrally and are accountable in real-time so they cannot be fraudulently at the same or multiple locations.

As you’re collecting the details of the card recipient when you sell it, you’re adding new customers to your marketing pipeline. And if the customer enjoys the guest experience, they will spend a lot more than the original value of the card with you.

Many leading hospitality and retail brands have added gift cards to their product offering and you can too, no matter what the size of your business. It’s quick, easy to implement and very effective.