Safeguarding of rates appeals a positive move by Government

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The ALMR has welcomed the Government response to its consultation on business rates appeals and the discarding of plans to dismiss appeals on the grounds of reasonable professional judgement; but is inviting additional clarity on the proposed alternatives.

In its response published today, the Department for Communities and Local Government confirmed it will not introduce the measure following negative feedback.

The ALMR has responded to the consultation arguing against the introduction of the measure pointing to a potential £95m bill for the licensed hospitality sector. The dismissal of the measure was one of the ALMR’s key Budget asks in its submission to HM Treasury.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The ability to dismiss appeals on the grounds of reasonable professional judgement was a vague and unworkable option that could have potentially cost the sector tens of millions of pounds. Figures published by the ALMR showed that as much as £95 may have been lost had the measure been introduced and it is great to see this potential, catastrophic misstep avoided. We are now looking towards the Government to provide additional reassurances to us and our members on how the appeals system will function and the proposed alternatives to RPJ.

“It is absolutely essential the businesses are guaranteed a right to appeal and that the system for appeals is accurate, transparent and fair. The ALMR liaised with the Government to ensure that this measure was not introduced and that appeals were safeguarded. It is good to see the Government listening to the concerns of businesses and acting to ensure fairness and protect investment.”


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