Planning for XMAS? Here’s an early present – 4 great technology tips for a cracking festive season!

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Although most of us are still in summer holiday mode, the festive season will soon be shining down upon us. We are delighted to give you an early present – 4 great technology tips to help you enjoy a busy and profitable festive season.

Step 1:  Recipe control optimises XMAS menu margins. 

Already planning your special festive menus for Xmas?

Recipe controls not only optimise margins BUT also ensure processes are in place to purchase stock at the right prices – and avoid expensive last-minute panic buying.

Use your system to help you to plan and purchase for your bookings. Set up your Xmas menus and allow the system to create the purchase orders for you in one go.

Did you know?

Typically, our clients have margins 5-7% higher than the national average (based upon the ALMR’s latest benchmarking survey). 

Step 2: Gifts cards & loyalty schemes increase revenue.

Operating online and electronic gift cards and loyalty solutions boost Xmas turnover without costing an arm and a leg!

Easy to set up and manage, sell online via websites and social media platforms.

Customers simply redeem when they visit.

Plus, you get to analyse what your customers have purchased and target future promotions to make sure they keep coming back!

Did you know?

Research shows that customers will spend more than the value of the gift card when they visit.   

Step 3: Cashless card pre-payments eliminate tab payment confusion. 

One of the biggest and most frustrating challenges during the hectic festive season is reconciling drinks tabs for large parties.

A clever and easy-to-implement solution is to use a cashless card for party organisers to prepay for their group’s food and drinks.

Money is taken instantly at the time of the booking and allocated on the day to the relevant party.

Did you know:

Setting a pre-paid minimum spend per table encourages greater spending.

Step 4: Electronic deposit transactions keeps cash safe. 

Deposits can be a nightmare if cash is simply put in an envelope and left in the safe until the day of the booking.

The safer alternative is to enter deposits into the EPOS system as a normal transaction and allocate it to the relevant party date creating an electronic record of the cash payment.

Did you know?  

Running early bird discounts for advance bookings by setting up promotions accounts for customers. 

GS business development managers and EPOS specialists Mike Chung and Ryan Lowry are here to help you grow your business through the clever deployment of technology.  Call them 0800 655 6264 today.

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