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Performance management and benchmarking are integral to our EPOS-based technology solutions when we talk to existing and prospective hospitality and retail clients about optimising their investment with us, writes Andrew Elliott, GS Systems Head of Support & Projects .

“If you can measure your performance, you can manage it so much more effectively” is a maxim we often hear from our clients and it is one I like to reinforce to the team at GS.

The strict standards we apply to our clients are also employed internally to ensure the support and service we offer is second to none.

We have invested heavily in our EPOS Service Desk (based at our Stockport head office) because this is the first point of contact from our customers looking for support. And as we all know, first impressions really do count.

We constantly monitor our performance

All calls are handled by well trained and experienced EPOS experts, professional technicians and engineers rather than anonymous call centre call loggers. From the minute you contact us, we’re looking for resolving your issues, rather than adding you to a queue.

We constantly monitor our performance to measure improvements to ensure we meet the high expectations demanded from us.

Two years ago, 71% of all calls were resolved to agreed timescales with our clients. This figure is now an outstanding 92%, although we’re still looking to improve.

Two in every five EPOS Service Desk calls to request advice

Other stand out stats include:

  • Seven out of 10 calls answered within just three rings
  • 93% of clients connected to an EPOS expert within two minutes of calling
  • 68% of all calls successfully resolved within one business day
  • 99% customer support satisfaction for 12 consecutive months
  • Two in every five EPOS Service Desk calls to request advice rather than dealing with hardware and software issues.

This latter statistic is particularly relevant as it shows the appeal of our consultative approach to technology and our commitment to ensuring clients use their solutions effectively.

As a team we are rightly proud of the performance stats featured above and it is a tribute to each and every one of us .

Just as important, the stats underpin our assertion that few of our rivals can match our high levels of service and support – and our consultative approach.

Our clients can work with us safe in knowledge we are always there for them – and also feel confident that we’re out to raise our performance levels even higher over the next 12 months.


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