No evidence to support e-cigarette ban

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Following the Welsh Government’s decision to amend plans for a ban on e-cigarettes in public places, the ALMR has argued that any ban incorporating licensed hospitality venues is likely to be unhelpful.

Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford announced a change to the Public Health Bill withdrawing plans to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in all public spaces, but maintaining the ban in various spaces including eating places.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The Welsh Government has acknowledged that there is widespread opposition to its Health bill, but continues to push forward with proposals despite a lack of evidence of harm.

“By its own admission, there is no proof that e-cigarettes cause substantial harm and yet the Welsh Government is looking to enact legislation that has the potential to seriously disrupt trade for hospitality businesses.

“Pubs, bars and nightclubs have their own policies regarding the use of electronic cigarettes within their venues and we see no reason why any such policy should not be at the discretion of the licensee. Unless we are presented with evidence that the use of such devices in a pub, bar or restaurant, comes with significant risk, heavy-handed legislation such as this should be avoided.”



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