Our mission is to help ambitious operators grow and control their businesses

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Attending trade exhibitions are great opportunities to chat informally with bar, pub and restaurant operators away from the office in a relaxing in environment, writes Mike Chung.

Yes, we’re looking to build new business partnership relationships with operators but more importantly we’re want to listen, share our advice and experiences and explore how we can face your unique challenges together.

At the recent Restaurant Show in London we got a great e-mail from an operator who very impressed by our discussions about data integration from different international stores.

That’s the response we like as a EPOS and technology provider because it shows we add value to the way operators can develop and grow their businesses.

Build a platform for growth 

Ryan and myself as business development managers are the link between the GS team and operators wanting to use technology to build a platform for sustainable growth.

Our mission, throughout the business, is to help ambitious restaurant, bar, pub and hospitality operators grow their businesses and control their sites more effectively.

When I am chatting at an exhibition or face-to-face with operators I’ll focus on four essential benefits.

  • Our fully integrated “restaurant, bar and pub management solution” allows you to embed your procedures and operations.
  • Standard operations – including front of house, stock ordering and purchasing, recipe management, stock taking, cash control and wastage control – all contained in one solution that provides full accountability of what’s happening in your business. This is really important when you’re not able to be everywhere within a large independent or multi-site business.
  • Daily snapshots of your key performance indicators (including GP% and staff costs as % of sales) ensures performance consistency.  You can also call up instant comparisons with previous days/weeks/years for event greater performance context.
  • Benchmarking reporting for a system installed across multiple sites highlights locations that need your attention BEFORE a problem escalates into a costly and time consuming crisis.

Of course, that’s the detail of what we do. The bottom line is the fact that typically our MAX solutions and the procedures embedded around them will help you to increase your profits by 4%-8% and give you the controls you need to successfully grow your business.

Want to discuss how we can help you. Contact Ryan or myself today by calling is 0800 655 6264.


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