Light touch approach to regulation can stimulate innovation and growth

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The ALMR has welcomed the European Commission’s report into the sharing economy as a provider of innovation and job creation and as a chance to discuss regulation across traditional and collaborative businesses.

The report refers to collaborative platforms such as Airbnb that currently operate within a mixture of different regulatory frameworks blurring the line between traditional s and collaborative businesses.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “This report acknowledges that the sharing economy is a hotbed of innovation and rightly establishes that any approach to regulation should be taken with a light touch. New platforms such as Airbnb generate income and growth in local economies and have a positive knock-on effect for the wider tourism and hospitality sectors.

“The report also acknowledges that any legislative approach should be done deftly so as not to stifle business growth and innovation. A similar approach should be taken regarding traditional businesses models to ensure a degree of flexibility for pubs, bars and restaurants. At present, licensed hospitality businesses operate under a rigorous licensing regime which can stifle evolution. A similar, proportionate approach that protects consumers, but frees up businesses would be welcome for licensed hospitality.”



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